Providing free service since April 2006-2009

Coming back soon


Lineage 2 Rebirth is a more controlled PvP server. We have many features that other high rate servers do not have, this keeps game play fun and balanced. We also have zero tolerance for cheaters and clear them out as fast as we can.



On this server you will find near retail features with a few extras like:

-Extended buff times

-Higher enchant rates

-Higher XP/SP/Adena rates

-Global Gatekeeper

-GM Shops in every town

-NPC Buffers in every town

-Unique NPCs



What makes us stand out from other PvP servers:

-No getting stuck in walls

-No insane enchants

-No stacking buffs

-No corrupt GMs

-Better skills

-Better uptime

-Constant updates

-Better GM Shop

-Better Global Gatekeeper

-Donators cannot get anything that you cannot get your yourself, they just simply get it faster.

-Database backups every day.