Donations for May: 0%



Donation Amount

 8 Gold Bars

(Equals 2 billion Adena)

+20 Weapon $12

+20 Armor (Set)


+20 Jewelry (Set)


+20 Boss Jewelry

$15 per piece

Clan level up (6,7,8)

$10 each level

Permanent blue name + 50 Quick heals and  50 Greater CP Potions


Clan Skills, Click Here DISABLED

All in One Starter Package

(+20 Weapon, +20 Armor, +20 Jewelry, 8 Gold Bars, 100 Quick Healing Potions, 100 Greater CP Potions, 10 Blessed Scrolls of Escape, 1 Character instantly leveled to 80, 255 recs)


Enchants do not stack with current enchants on the items.

We do not provide the boss jewels, only enchant them.


By donating you agree to the these terms:

-You MUST provide the items you want enchanted.

-If you break your weapon/armor/jewelry it will not be refunded.

-If someone scams your weapon we will not refund it.

-We will not refund donations, if you recall a payment without a legitimate reason you will be IP banned.

-Once your receive your item in game you cannot change your request.

-There are no guarantee in service.

-Donation rewards will be given within 72 hours of payment.



-In the unlikely event of a server wipe, your donation rewards will be doubled.

-After you donate message a GM in game, or on the forum with your email address.


By clicking the donate button you agree you are donating for a non-profit server and agree you will not charge back your donation.

Please state what reward you want in the payment notes.

All Payments made by PayPal.

Donations go towards the server costs and expansion.